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The Book of the Saved

The kind of detail, the kind of story you learn...

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Name:The Book of the Saved
Website:Book of the Saved @ AO3
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Home to the Criminal Minds alternate universe, in which the BAU is an actual family.

It is our goal to tell the story of these characters in a manner as true to the show's canon as possible. There are, then, things the reader will be able to predict; just the same, there are significant changes made out of necessity that make this an original interpretation. The writers do not claim any ownership of Criminal Minds, its characters, or the characters of any existing universe we may borrow; we lay claim only to the characters and plot elements original to this alternate universe. By writing these stories, we do not suggest that we in any way condone such things as violence, murder, abandonment, child abuse, etc.; they are plot elements and a vessel for character growth so that we may remain within the Criminal Minds canon.

The one who started this whole thing. 'Nough said.


The one who makes you laugh even as she breaks your heart.


The one who sets out to write fluff and comes up with nothing but angst. She'll probably make you cry.

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